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Mar 12, 2012
Privacy Wars
Controversial Kony Video: Unmasking Ugandan Warlord Sparks Global Debate and Urges for Justice
The video about the Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony became the biggest viral in history and brought to the world the knowledge of a monster who has been operating for almost two decades, making Uganda one of the worst places to live, and sparked a controversy about whether it is pertinent to do this, whether it is not another white invasion in Africa and whether the Ugandan military and politicians are not being portrayed in a positive way when they are actually other criminals.
All criticisms are valid and under other circumstances, they should be evaluated. But in this case, they do not. Kony is a monster who needs to be brought to justice. Churchill once said that if Hitler invaded hell, he (Churchill) would ally with the Devil. That's the case. As much as many things are also wrong, if Kony is arrested and tried, the effort will have been worth it, even if benefiting corrupt and opportunist politicians in the process.
Therefore, if you plan to object to the success of the video under arguments that could even be valid, go see who Kony is and rethink. All the harm we have caused to Africa will not cease and a small contribution we could make will cease to exist if this debate about whether it is right or not to intervene - which looks like a voting obstruction in a congress - continues.

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