Random thoughts on journalism's future

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Get over: no tech Graal will save journalism

The Erosion of Local Journalism: How Technological Shifts Created News Deserts

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Journalism students don’t know

Value of information depends on the principles of business and technology models

There is already too much information - the challenge is verify it

Where are we going and what will we have to face?

Digital rupture and consolidation will not come without forceps

Education as it is today is doomed - burn the academy and MOOC it

There is no unanimity about journalism - even among journalists

Media innovation is more a mindset adoption than technology

“Social media coverage” in Boston was almost as bad as the terror attack itself

Debates around future of journalism get stuck in petty disputes

Journalism, coding and IT are now sitting together in the newsroom (or they should)

Journalism will never be replaced by social interactions - will improve with it

When the print legacy becomes a hindrance

Twitter curatorship tools will be milestone for journalism

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